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Cierre del Evento Estamos a pocos días del cierre del evento. El próximo 19 de diciembre nos reuniremos para celebrar el cierre y entregaremos los

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Gracias por ser parte de nuestro Summit Encuentra acá más información sobre la apertura y como continuar disfrutando del evento. Click Here

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21st Century Education

We firmly share in what the Center for 21st Century Skills at Education Connection has titled Six Critical Skills That Form the Foundation for 21st Century Success.
They include:
Information Literacy – Appropriate applied research to any given challenge. The ability to find useful and reliable information.
Creativity & Innovation – Exploration of imagination. Refining and improving original ideas.
Collaboration – Working together to share, advocate, and compromise on issues critical to teams success.
Problem Solving – Experimentation of new and familiar concepts while processing information until a viable solution is reached.
Communication – The ability to properly read, write, present, and comprehend ideas between a variety of mediums and audiences.
Responsible Citizenship – Demonstration of proper technology use, global awareness, and moral capacity in and outside of the classroom.

Gracias a todos por su participación en nuestro evento Ya estamos preparando el siguiente y esta lleno de grandes sorpresas Thank you everybody for your participation in our event. We are preparing the next one, full of surprises
Our Homeschool Edition was designed for parents to have instant access to invaluable courses to be taken anytime and at your own pace.

Created for teachers, school administrators
and staff in mind

Resources and tools to make teaching in this century even more interesting

A Few Words

About The Event Organizers

Hello everyone, we are Maria Clara Serano and Nasly Calderon, two women who are passionate about education, always seeking to be at the forefront of the challenges of the 21st century. We leave you a brief review so that you know more about us.

Nasly Calderon with a degree in Spanish – English and a master’s degree in Administration in Educational Institutions, is in front of the events company What a party!!! a company dedicated to the organization of parties and events always bearing in mind that each experience leaves a learning. As a teacher, she has always guided her students through projects since she considers that through games and interaction, education is more fun and allows what has been learned to leave a mark on the lives of the students.

That is why one of the   What a party !!!  products is Learning Party Club, Education and Entertainment. It is a form of entertainment that is designed to educate as well as to amuse through clubs, workshops, projects, playdates and parties. This product is aimed at students,  schools, teachers and parents.

María Clara Serrano, psychologist, has ten years of experience in education.  She is Victory Christian School Director.

Victory Christian School is a 21st century online K-12 Christ-Centered School. Their pedagogical model is flexible, personalized and adaptive. Students have the option of graduating with a High School diploma and an Associate Degree with their exceptional dual enrollment program with Liberty University

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